The 5 Steps To Extraordinary Money Alignment

In this powerful, eye-opening masterclass, you’ll discover…
    • What the ‘Energy of Money’ is and how to align with it so completely that you can’t help but attract more of it into your life
    • The quickest, most effective, most powerful way to tell the Universe “YES! I’m ready to receive more money!” Almost every time someone takes this step, unexpected money shows up within a few days (sometimes hours!)
    • How to set a ‘Money Intention’ in a way that makes it feel easy, fun and inevitable that more income flows to you with ease and grace (no more hustle, stress and worry about money when you set your intention this way!)
    • “Money Loves A Home” – the powerful process that gives all the new money you’re about to attract a purpose and destination so that it flows to you more easily, instead of you trying to go out and ‘get’ more of it
    • The Target Energy Process – some say this is the most powerful visualisation they’ve ever experienced… and it comes with a surprising ‘twist’ that gets you fully aligned with your “Money Intention” and crystal clear on how to instantly get energetically ‘on track’ any time you want to attract more money
    • Bonus: The Extraordinary Money Alignment Playsheet – you’ll receive this before the start of the masterclass so you can fill it in as we go, to deepen your mastery of the Money Alignment Process

And much, much more…

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    Hi, I’m Karen!

    I’m known as the Conscious Wealth Mentor™ and for the past decade I’ve been working with passionate, ambitious entrepreneurs by showing them how to master their own creational process, particularly around their business so that they effortlessly attract more income. 


    A priceless clarity is available in your whole life, allowing for breakthroughs and alignment with the work you are truly meant to be doing in this world. This level of Alignment allows you to see what you need to do differently, what to change and how to change it so that abundance flows to you naturally and easily.

    This is not only possible; it’s already inside you! And if you’ll give me a few moments, I’ll explain how you can experience it.

    In this Masterclass I’ll be sharing with you how by aligning to your innate energy and gifts, you can add more value to your life and the lives of others.

    When you’re fully energetically aligned with money in the ways I show you in this Masterclass, you’ll attract more income automatically. 

    If you’re misaligned with money, and never take these steps, there will always be something ‘off’ that repels money away from you, no matter how hard you work or try to ‘attract’ it. 

    Understanding the energy of alignment gives you an opportunity to unlock and reach that elusive next income level, because, in a nutshell, Money is just a very happy by-product of Alignment.


    Enter your best email to access the masterclass