The Financial Abundance Activator

“Resonate with the vibration of money. Effortlessly create more money, more time and add meaning to your life by acknowledging the value you place on yourself. “

The Financial Abundance Activator-


“Resonate with the vibration of money. Effortlessly create more money, more time and add meaning to your life by acknowledging the value you place on yourself. “

Everything you need to know about alignment and recognising that there are different rates of frequency you operate at.

When you start to choose more  of what you want, you will create alignment in more areas of your life – including your Biz. 

‘With great power comes great responsibility’

In just 6 weeks, learn the pathways and principles of alignment with Money, Time & Self Value. So you can live in harmony with greater financial flow, raise your vibration set point so that you can create more money, more time & abundantly master your own creational process. 

Are you ready to let go of the resistance you have been feeling &  create energy that is coming from a place of abundance? 

To learn how to focus on positive emotions that will enable you to consciously create more inside yourself? 

Just imagine your life where money is a natural side effect of the conscious choices you make. Where you are in complete alignment with your passion and creating choices that resonate to your intentions. 

Only then can you became a vibrational match for that which you truly want to create.

Money represents choice and is simply a happy byproduct of your own alignnment .


Across the 6 weeks you will discover how you can empower yourself & take responsibility with Karen as she enlightens you to gain clarity on the misaligned choices you are making and discover the next steps you need to take to ground your next level income. 

Weekly group training calls, Weekly Live Q& A’s plus a private FB group where you can get additional support and access to course materials. 

Here is what you will consciously learn to create across the 6 weeks

This programme will cover MONEY, TIME, and YOU.

    WEEKS 1-2 >>> MONEY

    Just thinking of yourself as powerful helps you make better financial decisions.


    • Pay a Bill – Biggest Bang for your Buck
      Activates the entire process in the most powerful way
    • Aligns to Responsibility and is uncomfortable, so in and of itself has the capability to create a new result
    • Begins to take care of any misalignment around ignoring money – stepping into Power
    • Open a channel – Biz
    • Intention to add Value through your gifts
    • Gives the BigU a direct way to deliver results
    • Begins to ground consistency in a new way

    Weeks 2-4 >>> TIME

    There is an oft-quoted saying that “time is money.” Time is a valuable currency.

    In fact, each day another 24 hours is deposited into each of our “bank accounts.” We get a choice about how to spend these hours.

    We decide how much we spend right away, how much gets invested for the future, and how much we give away.


    • Time Capsules
    • Clarity on how best to distribute biz activities (biggest BforB)
    • New action energetically aligned with Freedom, so creating more Freedom as a result
    • New awareness + new choices = new result
    • Create the ideal schedule
    • Working with intention – crucial to creating anything
    • Grounding consistent action to create consistant income
    • New awareness – new choices – new result

      Weeks 5-6 >>> YOU

      Do you know how engergically, boundaries translate as value in your life?

      Your need to master your own creational process is crucial as your lack of clarity in this area is costing you in lost revenue, unfulfilled dreams, and letting money boss you around.


      • Create a new Boundary
      • Acknowledgement of Self Value
      • New choice to which the BigU will react – you will be valued (new clients/money)
        Done consistently, will ground consistency
      • Change 1 small habit
      • Uncomfortable, aligned with responsibility, so aligned with money
      • Setting a new boundary with yourself – integrity

      Enrol today and you will get the following free ……

      *30 Minute Money Momentum 1:1 with Karen where you will get a head start on your own personal situation and your next steps so you can start realigning immediately. 

      *21 days  Alignment & Activation Diary – Access to a 21 day printable planner where you can  track your new choices , master your own creational process, so that you are left in no doubt of how powerful you really are! 

        LET’S ADD IT UP

        Here’s what you’re getting when  you enrol today:

        • More Money
        • More Time 
        • More Consistency
        • More money consistently!
        • More time to enjoy your money consistently!
        • More clarity
        • Mastery of your own creative process
        • Activate your next level of financial freedom
        • Gain clarity and step further into your gifts, and get paid
        • Group dynamic and support

        You’ll complete this training with a CLEAR, STEP-BY-STEP PLAN you can use immediately to activate and create  more financial abundance. 

        We’re leaving no stone unturned… and teaching you everything you need to know.

        We’re going to give you ALL the steps to take, the EXACT ORDER to do them in, and ALL THE DETAILS in between.