You’re ready to break through to that next elusive income level

and become the master of your wealth creational process


You are a Conscious Entrepreneur who is destined to live a life of abundance! You are serious about breaking through to that elusive next income level and permanently becoming a vibrational match to all the abundance you are calling in.


The Perfectly Aligned Money Program


A 7-part program that guides you through a simple process to help you truly understand the energetic language of money so that you can become the master of your own wealth creation journey.

You will see predictable results almost instantly and by the end of this program you will finally break through to your next elusive income level and experience what it feels like to bring in sustainable income that will change not just your own life but the lives of many.

For too long I’ve seen amazing heart-led business owners struggling with what to do to bring in a consistent and sustainable income, whilst looking to navigate a minefield of cookie-cutter advice which, far from leading to more money through their beloved businesses, leads instead to them lacking the confidence to fully express their gifts, get their unique voice across and scale up to the revenue they know they deserve.

Does This Resonate?


You are seeing signs, only doubting your wealth creation abilities and wondering if it may be a coincidence or even random.


You want to feel safe and secure in your life and business journey, and never want to worry about where the income is coming from ever again.


You are navigating a minefield of cookie cutters and lacking the confidence on what to do to bring in a consistent and sustainable income


You want to truly understand your power, turn up the dial even further, have a full-blown wealth experience and leave a legacy for your family.

What would it be like if

You truly understood the energetic language of money and confidently trusted in your abilities like never before.
You became aware of your own value and began creating a ripple effect in the lives you are impacting.
You only made choices that helped you step into the Conscious Creator you truly are.
You were serious about your wealth creation and effortlessly broke through to that next elusive income level.

There’s a simpler, faster and more soulful way to live a life of abundance!

If you are serious about breaking through to that next elusive income level, and permanently becoming a vibrational match to all the abundance you are calling, then you need
The Perfectly Aligned Money Program.

What’s inside the Perfectly Aligned Money Progam?

Module #1

Your Perfect Money Alignment


In this module, you will identify the misaligned choices you’re making that are sabotaging your attempts to make and keep money flowing to you.


Next, you will instantly course correct to open the floodgates to wealth… and the best part is… it will feel pretty effortless!

Module #2

Energetically Aligned “Money Intention”


In this module you will set a clear, firm “Money Intention” that resonates so strongly with you that you just know money attraction will happen.


Now that your intention is set, you will set up a 3 month time-line to open up all the channels and begin playing with your potential, so that the universe can line things up for you.

Module #3

Money Loves A Home


Now we get to the really fun part that, surprisingly, most business owners miss out on. You will discover exactly what you want to spend your new-found income on.


In this module you discover what it feels like to be ‘pulled’ towards your goal and motivated to get to work every day… instead of the old pattern of struggling and pushing to make money and still living in fear and scarcity.

Module #4

The Money Target Energy Process


Next we take things to the next level with a simple, powerful visualisation and meditation practice that works to manifest your Money Intention even faster.


In this module you will identify the energy underneath your money desire so that you can clearly define your target and ensure it’s all completely energetically aligned.

Module #5

The Perfectly Aligned Action Plan


In this module you will discover the difference between an action plan (what most people get wrong) and an energetically aligned action plan that works to prioritise your “Money Intention” coming into reality.


You’ll learn how to clear any distraction, overwhelm or procrastination so that you feel totally motivated to get to work every day to hit your income goals.

Module #6

“I’m Getting Richer” Evidence Diary


In this module you will learn how to look for the signals and the signs that are going to keep you on track, and the ways you can use those signs to discover the solutions that are presenting themselves.


As part of this course, you will receive your 30 day “I’m Getting Richer Evidence Diary”. It’s the perfect tool to accompany you on this exciting journey, and all you need to do to get started is commit to doing a couple of new things each day.

Module #7

Remove Your Physical Blocks To Wealth


Now you’ll start to free up space by getting rid of all the physical junk around you that’s not serving you, and frankly you don’t need! This will make space for the new to come in.


Next you’ll discover how to clear out your digital space so that you really move the needle of alignment and get a big bang for your buck energetically!


Money Attractor #1:

In this bonus you will learn the energies that are toxic when it comes to creating anything you want – especially money.  If you’re choosing them, if you’re inviting them in, you’re just not a vibrational match for money!

Money Attractor #2:

In this bonus you will begin detoxing your life and Biz of the obligation you’ve already created.  I’ll show you how to identify your current have to’s, and ask yourself if you really do Have-To.

Money Attractor #3:

In this bonus I will show you another way that your Soul is communicating with you. What it’s saying to you is “Look, look, this is what we are capable of… this is what we could have, what we’re designed for… what’s within US!

What does it cost?

Pay in Full


Pay in 5 Monthly

£244 x 5

Pay in 11 Monthly Payments

£117 x 11

Go VIP With 3 Months 1:1 Laser Calls
For £2222


Payment plans available

Client Love

“Made a cool $12k and 15 extra, unexpected sales during a promotion, all by shifting my money alignment – thanks to just 1 session with Karen!”

Mamoon Yusaf

“I just had my best month in 5 years and am looking at a 30% increase in sales thanks to working with Karen”


I went on my dream trip with the money generated from up leveling my income through the method taught


Hi. Karen here.

Hello Luvly! I’m Karen,

And I’m so thrilled to meet you!

If you’re here, it’s because you are looking to break through to that next elusive income level and become the master of your wealth creational process.

As a Conscious Wealth Mentor and the founder of the Conscious Wealth Code, I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs to redefine, realign and begin to master the energetic language of money. And why would you want to do this? Well, that’s easy – to make more money of course!

And, if you know me at all, you would have heard me say on many occasions: Money is a Happy By-Product of Alignment.

Every single time you make a choice, it’s either aligned or misaligned with money.

Yes – you’re constantly broadcasting whether you are available to receive money – or not!

And, bottom line? – If you’re not creating the wealth and abundance that you say you want, you’re not broken, you don’t need fixing, you’re just broadcasting in a misaligned way.

All we need to do is figure out what that actually looks like for you, make a few changes, and BOOM!  You’ve moved the needle of alignment and more wealth, abundance, opportunities, and yes, more money will be the result – often seemingly miraculously!

So without further ado, let’s get cracka-lackin’ – click on the link below and we’ll get this party started!

And Luvly – Welcome to your next level of alignment!


The Perfect Money Alignment Program

Only £1111
Or our VIP Edition for £2222



If you’ve read this whole page and you’re still on the fence… your ego is creating confusion or you have questions that need answering. Here are the most frequently asked questions that can help you in either case.

My business is new. Is this program too advanced for me?

No. Whether a newbie or an established biz owner, Perfectly Aligned Money meets you right where you’re at. As you prepare to step into your next level, whatever that looks like, you can be sure that your alignment to it will be key in your success, both now and in the future.

I’m already an established business owner… is this program too entry-level for me?

Not at all! The great thing about Perfectly Aligned Money is that wherever you’re at, it’ll meet you there – again, and again and again!

If you wanna make more money, blow through limitations to that next elusive income level and find the biggest bang for your buck in the easiest ways, these are the steps to take to get things moving immediately!

I really want to enrol, but I’m nervous about the investment. What should I do?

I realise that, as you are clearly looking to align with more money, your current situation may not be how you would like it to be, and investing at this time may still feel out of your comfort zone.

Good! That feeling of desire, along with scary discomfort is a direct communication from your Soul that you’re in the right place! There are three payment options available, so I’m sure you’ll find one that works for you.

But at the end of the day, know this! The Universe has happily collided us because it knows there’s a missing link that once identified and course corrected, your success is inevitable, and you and your business will thrive as they were always destined to do.

I’m already overwhelmed with everything that’s on my plate. Is this gonna make it worse?

Absolutely not – in fact, if you’re overwhelmed, that is one of the reasons why you’re not aligned to money! But don’t worry! We’ll pinpoint why and course correct so you can eliminate overwhelm once and for all!

Perfectly Aligned Money is a self study course, so you can work at the pace that suits you. The modules themselves are all less than 10 minutes long, and the majority of the follow up tasks will take you less than that to actually do. The best news is, as a result of what you’ll do as part of the program, you’ll start to notice a lot of the overwhelm falling away effortlessly.

Is there anything else I need to know to feel confident about enrolling?

You get to have, do and be whatever you want in your life and in your business. That is your birthright as a Conscious Creator. If that’s what you choose and commit to, I can assure you that is exactly what will happen, if you’re willing to make the changes that are aligned with what you want to create. And trust me, you’ll never be asked to do something you hate, or that is out of integrity with your values or your gifts.

What if I want to upgrade to the next level or a 1:1 later?

That’s no problem at all. There are a number of containers that I deliver with varying levels of support so that I can serve you wherever you’re at on your entrepreneurial journey. So don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat about what that could look like for you when you’re ready.

The Perfect Money Alignment

Only £1111
Or VIP Edition for £2222