You’re Just Moments Away from Activating Your Next Level Money Results!

Welcome Soul-Led Entrepreneur!

Join me on an epic, life-changing adventure to leverage a little-known ‘Code’

to make truly quantum leaps in your income this year.

Hi, I’m Karen, and I’m so excited about what’s in store for you!

I help ambitious, soul-driven business owners rise quickly out of any wealth stuckness to activate their upgraded money reality in the most natural way!
The fact is, Luvly, this ‘Code’ is inside you right now, and you can put it to work in a jiffy with my Wheel Of Money Alignment™️! And hold tight, I’m giving to you for FREE!
Imagine being able to easily generate abundance at the level of wealth that truly reflects your value and awesomeness as a leader and impact maker.
Sound good?
This is not only possible; it’s already inside you! And if you’ll give me a few moments, I’ll explain how you can experience it.

See, whatever your income, 5, 6, 7 figures and beyond, it all comes down to our good buddies, energy and vibration – or as I refer to it, frequency. It’s action – it is the doing after the thinking.

You’re likely familiar with the concept and yours truly is an expert on this very topic.

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs realign with their abundance potential and grow their revenue by an average of 250%.

“One of the most brilliant new minds on money wisdom in the world today.”

– Jenni Parker Brown
Founder and CEO of House of Preeminence Magazine

Here’s a teenie-weenie clue…
Your stuckness has nothing to do with any limiting beliefs, energetic blocks, restrictions, tactics or anything else that needs fixing.
There is nothing wrong with you!
It is simply a matter of misaligned choices, which, when you know how to re-align them with your desired outcomes, you will shatter the ‘stuckness’ ceiling and trigger that Code I talked about, so that you have the power to consciously steer your beautiful money destiny and scale your biz and life to whatever your big heart dreams of.  
Shall we get started? 

What is the Wheel Of Money Alignment?

It’s a part of my Conscious Wealth Code™, which I share with my high-level clients, and I’m giving it to you for free! Let’s unpack it…


You will discover the three commodities of my Conscious Wealth Code™ and identify exactly which parts of your life you need to realign in order to move into the frequency of the wealth you desire.


Here’s where the fun starts! You will step into your optimum money potential by taking three key steps that will instantly level you up to become a vibrational match to all you are calling in.


Step into mastery as a Conscious Creator as I teach you how to collect your new evidence of alignment so that you are always taking the right action for your wealth creation.

As a naturally creational being, when you use the Wheel of Money Alignment, your bold wealth visions are not something ‘to try to get to’, but an empowering and fun relationship with the laws and principles of money energetics.
You see, money is not hard to get; it’s actually a happy by-product of alignment. And alignment is my ‘jam’!
As a Conscious Wealth Mentor, I’ve inspired hundreds of entrepreneurs to effortlessly level up and become a vibrational match to the income they desire.
I’ve dedicated the last decade of my life to supporting conscious business owners to realign to a higher money frequency which matches the impact and value they bring to the world.
I know what it’s like to feel the pressure of creating a sustainably successful business and comparing myself to the wealthy leaders I admired. I’m happy to say I am now one of those leaders today, and I want the same for you!
By unlocking those three commodities of alignment, it is possible! 

“Where wealth consciousness is concerned, Karen is leading the leading edge!”

You can become a vibrational match to all that you desire; it’s all here for you now and it’s my GIFT to you! .
I’m here to support you as you make powerful changes so that you can step fully into your power and break through to that next elusive income level – the one that you just know you deserve!
When you get this, it’ll be like a light bulb went on showing you how you can scale your biz and life effortlessly.
(I’m smiling already!)
Let’s have that a-ha moment together!
Love, love, love

Don’t just take my word for it – listen to what my previous clients have to say…

I’ve been working with Karen for over three years now in a private capacity and she’s a true master of her craft. I’ve never had anyone explain energetic alignment and money with the simplicity and love and joy that Karen does. She’s always got a kind word to say, offers her wisdom and advice with the most gentle love and embodies solid boundaries.

I highly recommend her services to all entrepreneurs who want to create energetically aligned businesses with integrity and impact.


International Dating & Relationship Coach For High Achieving Women, www.samiwunder.com

– Serena Fasano Rosa – The Postpartum Doctor

– Noha Essop – Spiritual Guide in Life & Business